3The AUM library, currently under development, has books in English on a variety of topics. Its primary collection, funded by a grant from the US Embassy in Mongolia, contains holdings on English language teaching and learning. These materials include dictionaries, graded readers, textbooks, grammars, methodology books, biographies, short stories, novels, TOEFL and iBT preparatory books and workbooks. These materials are for English language learners at all levels, and for native and non-native teachers of English.  This collection is a major resource for students and English teachers alike. Books donated through the Asia Foundation are on a variety of subjects, primarily business.

The library is open during AUM’s working hours (9:00am – 6:00pm); patrons may use the books on site in the library, or check them out for a two week period.  To check out a book, patrons must present a copy of their national ID or passport, and leave their telephone number.  We especially encourage those interested in improving their English language teaching and learning to make use of this valuable, curated collection.

Contact: Bolor (11-313184)

Location: AUM, 4th Floor, DHL Building, Peace Avenue 10/5, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar 14210

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