GAP Program

GAP Program

84The GAP program prepares students for subsequent undergraduate studies by teaching intensive Academic English and Mathematics classes in English along with demonstrating study skills such as management, reading proficiency, oral communication, written communication, critical thinking, research abilities, analytical thinking, problem solving, necessary to succeed in an American university where the language of instruction is English.  It will prepare students to enroll to the best colleges in the US.

The GAP Program will consist of two semesters or 8 months of college preparation courses. The first semester will focus solely on preparing the best college application for our students: college admissions preparation and the second semester will focus on academic courses and personal development: preparation for college life. Student-instructor ratio will be kept small at 12 students per class for all courses.

Semester I:

A stellar application consists of variety of prerequisites such as a solid GPA, high standardized test scores, good high school profile and most importantly a great essay.  Therefore, the first semester we will laser focus on the above mentioned aspects of the college application to submit the best possible application come November 2017.

Semester II:

Students will develop their academic writing and reading skills by enrolling in college level course, while taking part in variety of workshops in different fields of studies, while being provided with valuable internship and volunteer opportunities at renowned companies and NGOs in Mongolia.


Semester I:

Building a High School Profile (HS101)

Students will build a clear high school profile by proving exceptional academic performance, enrollment in extracurricular activities and strong recommendation letters from teachers and managers fee waivers. Students will build a strong profile that consists of the following documents:

  • Official GPA documentation
  • 2 Recommendation Letters
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Get Fee Waivers

High Standardized Test Scores (TS101)

One of the first filters in getting accepted to a top college in the U.S is the SAT standardized tests plus the TOEFL test for international students. Students will enroll in two long-term test preparations and shorter crash courses right before test day for our students.

Master SAT Prep (long term) (TS101/1)

Math – 60 hours

Reading and Writing – 60 hours

Duration: 3 months, 120 academic hours

Master SAT Prep is 12-weeks intensive program for those students dedicated to achieve high score on SAT Reasoning Test. As SAT Reasoning test has two sections, Master SAT Prep has two classes – Math and Reading/Writing. Students will learn necessary grammar rules, skills/techniques and timing strategies to succeed on the new SAT.

Master SAT Subject (long term) (TS101/2)

Math – 54 hours

Physics – 54 hours

Chemistry – 54 hours

U.S. History – 60 hours

Class Size: 12 students each class

Duration: 3 months, 54-60 hours – depends on subject

Master SAT Subject is a 3-month intensive program for those students dedicated to achieve high scores on SAT Subject Tests. We offer Math Level 1 &2, Physics, Chemistry, and U.S. History specifically designed courses for SAT Subject Tests.

Crash Course SAT (shorter) (TS101/3)

Class Size: 12

Duration: Two Weeks, 10 Sessions (90 Minutes)

The name says it! Our Crash Course SAT program is for those student who need to boost their preparation right ahead of the exam! It is a 4-weeks intensive program. Students will learn all the necessary grammar rules, reading skills/techniques, and timing strategies to succeed on the new SAT.

Essay Preparation (EP101)

From our experience of helping Mongolian students get accepted to colleges in the U.S we can clearly see that writing an essay is the weakest point. Unfortunately the essay is the strongest or biggest point in getting accepted thus, students will work with our students as soon as our program starts on their college application essays, general writing skill, and college writing.

College Application (EP101/1)

Students will start drafting college application essays after two weeks workshops on effective writing.

  1. Common Application Main Essay
  2. Supplement Essays depending on school selections

General Writing Workshop (EP101/2)

Duration: Two Weeks, 6 Sessions (60 Minutes)

Starting from the basics of “What is an essay” to how to write specifically for the college admissions students will learn the basics of writing short (500-650 words) personal statements.

College Writing (EP101/3)

Students will learn to recognize, understand and produce different forms of academic writing papers. From research papers, political science papers, lab reports, creative essays, writing critiques etc., students will be informed of the potential writing papers they will encounter at U.S colleges.

Semester II:

Academic and personal preparation for college Academic Writing (AW102)

Students will recognize, understand and produce academic writing. Students will practice strategies for academic reading by responding to texts in both formal and informal writing assignments and classroom discussions. This course will help students enhance their writing skills for written English proficiency through contextualized grammar instruction.

A College Level Academic Course – Introduction to Social Science (SS102)

Students will be introduced to the evolution of Social Sciences, as well as the various disciplines of the Social Science, including Psychology, Sociology and the like. Students will also investigate the various methodologies of research which brings current information into the Social Sciences and how these data have been acted upon to reform the various disciplines that make-up Social Sciences.

Internship (IN102)

Students will be provided with number of internship opportunities at companies and NGOs for discovery of knowledge and skills interest and learning.

Community Development and Volunteering (CD102)

Students will come together to initiate, process and take actions to solve to common problems in the community, while building skills to take collective actions and make decisions to generate possible solutions.




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