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Munkhjin B., Executive Director

Munkhjin became Executive Director of AUM in January 2017. She recieved her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from Middlebury College in USA and earned her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Japan. She has over 10 years of experience working with the Ministry of Education of Mongolia, including 5 years of educational consulting work for the Mongolia- Cambridge Education Initiative – a national education reform program.



                                          Mungunnavch D., Finance and Administration Manager

Mungunnavch wasAUM_headshot008 appointed as Finance and Administration Manager at AUM on April 2015. D. Mungunnavch holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics from the National University of Mongolia. In addition she holds a Certified Diploma in Business Administration from the Academy of Management. She has over 24 years of professional experience working in civil, humanitarian and business organizations.



Undergraduate Faculty

AUM_headshot002Dr. Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel received her PhD in Environmental Psychology from the City University of New York and completed post-doctoral training was in urban health at the Centre for Research on Inner City Health in Toronto. Dr. Schaefer-McDaniel research and academic career spans more than 10 years during which she has worked on projects focusing on homeless adults, people with mental health and substance use problems, access to health-care, disadvantaged children and youth, and people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. She shares her passion for understanding and ameliorating social issues with AUM undergraduate students in her “Introduction to Social Sciences” class.


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