About AUM

The American University of Mongolia

There is a significant gap between the qualifications of today’s university graduates and the demands of Mongolia’s current economy. This situation prompted a group of Mongolian and U.S. business, educational, and community leaders to establish an “American” university in Mongolia; one that brings the best of Western undergraduate education to Mongolia. Through its liberal arts curriculum, currently in development, the American University of Mongolia (AUM) proudly produces well-educated graduates to improve Mongolia’s international competitiveness.

AUM provides a student-centered, liberal arts education modeled after successful universities in America in conformance with relevant U.S. accreditation agencies’ standards. AUM was approved by the Mongolia State Registration Office as a non-profit, non-governmental organization on January 4, 2012 and licensed to operate as a university by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on July 26, 2012.

In 2017, AUM partnered with Tomujin Academy to implement the GAP Program to prepare high school graduates to enroll to the best colleges and universities abroad. The GAP Program prepares students in SAT reasoning and subject based and TOEFL tests, and teaches valuable skills such as critical thinking, reflective essay writing, research skills, problem solving, and public speaking that are crucial for success in the undergraduate program, while also providing volunteering and community development opportunities to build a good profile.


Why study at AUM?

AUM students develop a number of skills such as:

    • -Leadership
    • -Critical Thinking
    • -Management
    • -Life-long Learning
    • -Creativity
    • -Communication Skills
    • -Collaboration and Team-building
    • -Ethics
    • -Personal Responsibility and Service to Others
    • -Global Awareness

-Information Technology Skills

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