Mission, Vision and Values



AMU's mission is to address a critical need in higher education in Mongolia by offering a U.S. accredited, student-centered, American liberal arts program.  It will prepare students to enter an evolving Mongolian marketplace, prepare students to further their studies in graduate school, and will create a university that will stand as a center of excellence for the entire region.



AMU will offer a wide array of academic programs designed to educate Mongolia's leaders of tomorrow.  It will be an American-style, not-for-profit University, accredited in the United States, focused on liberal arts, creativity and critical thinking along with hard skills and leadership capacity.  The university will provide a high standard of education based on the best practices in the U.S. academic community.  Within a decade AMU will be recognized as the top university in Mongolia and globally as an outstanding young university.



AUM upholds the principles of academic freedom, social responsibility, qual opportunity, integrity, and excellence. The philosophy of the AUM is to be a student-centered university that lays a foundation of critical thinking and problem solving paired with foundational knowledge in fields of specialization (majors, minors and concentrations), so that an AUM graduate is ready for the world, and leaves with a sense of purpose and a desire for life-long learning. The education of students is “outcome based” towards careers and opportunities students seek in life. It is closely connected to the current and future markets.


At AUM the educational experience goes beyond knowledge and the degree. Regardless of a student’s major, AUM’s values will be reflected in the classrooms, in guidance programs; student organizations and clubs; non-credit seminars, visiting speakers, extracurricular requirements, student work, and other activities to develop students in:




-Lifelong Learning


-Communication and Social Skills

-Collaboration and Team-building

-Critical Thinking

-Integrity and Ethics

-Personal Responsibility and Service to Others

-Global Awareness

-Information Technology Skills



The philosophy of teaching is that a liberal arts education begins, but does not end with a liberal arts syllabus. It opens minds in small classrooms, through interaction and discussion rather than lectures based on note-taking and examining. It explores texts, ideas, thoughts and differences in a collegial atmosphere, focuses on the students’ ideas to foster comprehension. Materials are presented, not taught. State of the art technologies support this learning atmosphere but are only educational tools. The experience must be broader interaction, linking worlds. An AUM education provides small classes, discussion-based learning and a personal relationship with professors who act as mentors, guides and counselors.