Corporate Founders

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Having introduced mobile telephony to Mongolia in 1996 by investing in and establishing Mobicom, the country’s premier cellular operator, and pioneering renewable energy path in Mongolia building Mongolia’s first wind farm, Newcom is also known for its investments into social infrastructure. Thus in an effort to enable Mongolia measure the quality of its growth, Newcom initiated and co-founded Mongolia’s Economic Policy Research and Competitiveness Center in 2010, rendering Mongolia a powerful analytical tool instrumental for effective decision-making for government, investors and the key social stakeholders. This institute has now evolved to become the central point of reference for politicians, businesses, academia, NGOs and media.


Newcom believes that the future of the country depends not on the quality of mineral ores, but on the quality of its citizens – their education, competitiveness, ethics, moral and physical health and robustness.


Winged with a passion to develop truly global Mongolian citizens, Newcom has nurtured the idea of localizing in Mongolia the global standards of education. In partnership with other global brands of excellence and innovation – General Electric, Rio Tinto and a few like-minded people with passion and vision, Newcom has translated into reality its dream of opening the door to the world for Mongolian youth through the gates of the American University of Mongolia.


Newcom Group dramatically demonstrated its firm commitment to these values when they agreed to become the first corporate sponsor of American University of Mongolia in 2011. Since then they have continued to provide valuable guidance and support for the development of the university. American University of Mongolia exists today because of Newcom Group’s vision, foresight and dedication to Mongolia’s future.



Rio Tinto is one of the world's leading mining and metals companies, and has been in business for over 130 years. They find, mine and process the earth's metal and mineral resources that are essential for making thousands of everyday products that meet society's needs. Their interests are diverse both in geography and product. Their activities span the world with production from every continent. Their products - aluminum, copper, diamonds, energy, gold, industrial minerals, and iron ore - help fulfill important consumer needs and improve living standards across the globe.


Rio Tinto is the manager and the operator of Oyu Tolgoi project in cooperation with the Government of Mongolia. The project is expected to commence commercial production in 2013 and full production by 2018. This will lead to the project becoming one of the top five copper producers in the world. The company is committed to developing and operating this world class project in accordance with their strict health and safety standards, environmental standards and our sustainable development principles. Rio Tinto believes that the Oyu Tolgoi project and associated environmental, social and community projects in which they are investing will bring long lasting benefits to the people of Mongolia.


Through its decision to become a corporate founder of the American University of Mongolia, Rio Tinto has clearly shown its commitment to sustainable development in Mongolia.



The GE Foundation, the philanthropic organization of the General Electric Company, works to solve some of the world's most difficult problems. In coordination with its partners, it supports U.S. and international education, developing health globally, the environment, public policy, human rights and disaster relief. In addition, the GE Foundation supports GE employee and retiree giving and involvement in GE communities around the world. In 2010, the entire GE family - including businesses, employees, retirees and GE Foundation - contributed more than $250 million in cash, products, and services to charitable organizations around the world.


Through its corporate founder sponsorship of the American University of Mongolia, GE Foundation is demonstrating its continuing support for international education initiatives.




DAI was founded in 1970 by three graduates of Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government intent on providing a more dynamic and effective brand of development assistance. This entrepreneurial approach would look beyond traditional philanthropy to embrace the virtues of the private sector, and build a company that delivers social and economic development on a competitive, cost-effective, best-value basis—a social enterprise that is self-sustaining because it is profitable.


Employee-owned DAI is now a global development company with a record of delivering results in 160 countries. But it remains today what it was as a start-up: innovative, alert, self-critical, and forward-looking—and driven by a powerful sense of corporate purpose. Their mission remains essentially unchanged from the days of the founders:  to make a lasting difference in the world by helping developing nations become more prosperous, fairer and more just, cleaner, safer, healthier, more stable, more efficient, and better governed.


Through its support for AUM, DAI is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to development in Mongolia, in line with its community engagement program that focuses on supporting young people in countries where DAI works.